Monday, May 31, 2010

..Why mE??..

So as u can see i deleted the pic of me && anonymous..but he is really confusin me..soo he says that this girl who keeps writng on his facebook ((ugh i hate internet drama)) is just some girl he use to talk to && he doesn't wana be with her but she won't leave him alone..we'll i dont believe it anymore..she writng stuff like i miss u!! && im sorry about yesterday..sooo ya'll are seeing each other now??
i thought she was just some girl..??
I do not need to go throughthis..why is it so hard for me to move on??
is it because he is my daughters father??

We'll im not gona keep stressin about it.. && i said that so many times but im serious now..i only have one life && who knows how long that is..soo i wanna live it up to the fullest..i dont need to hold on to someone who isnt't keepin it real wit me..

But anyway..sorry i havent posted this weekend.. I was at work all day both sunday & saturday!!

But today im at my cousin house!! were about to go to the not getting in tho because Nasia doesnt have swimming diapers..but im going to go over && chill with them..

((my hair looks crazy))


  1. cute!!!

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  3. thanx!! i will definelty check you both!!

  4. I actually read your post and I want to tell you that everything happens for a reason. If its meant for you and the baby's father to be together then it will happen. Dont force it. Just continue doing you and working on your career (which you take great pics) and if its meant to be, it will. You have to make sure you have your fallback though. SO like you said, live life to the fullest and enjoy yourself!

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