Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NY Couture Fashion Week 2011

i am so excited to say i am going to attend NY Couture Fashion Week!!
Sorry i haven't been posting much but i had to take a little break from the internet world && give my 100% attnetion to my little baby girl who is 11 months now!! =)
She'll be one February 4th !!
Ohk back to ny fashion week!! Of course you must be invited to MB fashion week and unfortunately i was not handed that privelage ((yet)) so i decided why not go to the next best thing!! I've never been to a show in new york so im excited either way. Has anyone heard of Couture Fashion Week?? I wanna make sure this is legit..Im so excited about it.Im planning on attending there show Feb.19 Saturday..
Ofcourse i want the front row tickets!! My only febate is what shall i wear?? Any suggestions??

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