Monday, May 31, 2010

..Why mE??..

So as u can see i deleted the pic of me && anonymous..but he is really confusin me..soo he says that this girl who keeps writng on his facebook ((ugh i hate internet drama)) is just some girl he use to talk to && he doesn't wana be with her but she won't leave him alone..we'll i dont believe it anymore..she writng stuff like i miss u!! && im sorry about yesterday..sooo ya'll are seeing each other now??
i thought she was just some girl..??
I do not need to go throughthis..why is it so hard for me to move on??
is it because he is my daughters father??

We'll im not gona keep stressin about it.. && i said that so many times but im serious now..i only have one life && who knows how long that is..soo i wanna live it up to the fullest..i dont need to hold on to someone who isnt't keepin it real wit me..

But anyway..sorry i havent posted this weekend.. I was at work all day both sunday & saturday!!

But today im at my cousin house!! were about to go to the not getting in tho because Nasia doesnt have swimming diapers..but im going to go over && chill with them..

((my hair looks crazy))

Friday, May 28, 2010

..Feeling alonE..

Another day..Another blog..

So im gonna miss out on the party of my life!! My sister in law is having a big bday bash party && I cant go .. =( .. of course I was invited..but I have no transportation..I haven’t been out SINCE I had my baby..4 months in the house..@ school..&& working..but no fun..okay the closest I got to having fun was participating in a fashion show!! But that is more like work to me..i want to get dressed up && party!! No limitations!! really sucks being a single mother with no car..&& a job that is so stingy with hours..

IF ANYONE OUT THERE IS SELLING OR KNOWS ABOUT A CAR PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I feel my self getting desperate for some sort of fun in my life.. Me && Nasi’a father are not on bad terms..we just have a lot of straightening up in life we need to do separately because if not it will definitely ruin our relationship..but our distance during this time is really getting to me..&& I feel like I am && will always be a single mother..I am very independent && I can do good all by myself..but I want someone by my side to love!! && that loves me..i  feel so alone sometimes..but he is the only one I want..&& I cant explain it..i just love him.. Our love story is something that happens rarely..let me think if I want to go in detail with it..only if you request it.but I’ll leave that out for right now..

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know I have a blog =) So I’ll post a picture ((only pic we have together))

We’ll im going to finish my day off by cleaning my room ((yay!! =[ )) && maybe hooking up with my cousin && taking a few pics!! She’s into photography..but sometimes im just lazy..soo we rarely take energy was taken after having my
Don’t forget to vote on my poll ((to your right)) && let me know what you want to read about!! Thanks for checking out my blog && following always TTYS!! =)

PS..Nasia picked her head up today!! She's so close to sitting up && crawling!! I cant wait until she gets it..well i can wait..i dont wanna rush time!! =)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

..Wanna take pics like thesE..

My goal is to hook up with a photographer soon && replicate one of these styles of pics!! I will post up my pic && the inspiration as soon as i complete this task!!

Off to bed now..TTYS!! =)

Nasia's Day

Today I decided to take a walk to chick-fil-a with my was fund raiser night for my little brothers Nasia was very irritable in the house so I had to take her out..
I decided to wear my little forever21 flower print dress with bronze sandals..It was nice to get out of the house..&& I loovveedd chick-fil-a’s strawberry shake!! =)

Me && Nasia took a pic together so you could see my dress =) ..she didn’t want to let go so I kept her in the pic..I cant really blog like I want to today because im home alone && my little Nasia is not liking me on the I’ll just post some pics up from out day at chick-fil-a!! =)


p.s. Guess what i just got in the mail?!?! No its not something to be excited about..I just recieved a notice from the hospital saying that my insurance did not cover the whole bill for when i had my baby!! They want me to pay an outstanding amount of money or i will be in debt && ruin my credit!! I can not believe they really could do something like that..i thought my insurance was suppose to pay it all..i have to pay so much $$ out my pocket to have a baby plus more $$ to care for her..this is unbelievable..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot Summer Day

I have decided to stay in today..
I took a walk to the store early this morning (( only because i was awoken by Nasia ))
Thats my little bundle of joy..yup!! My 4 month daughter!!
She's actually turning 4 months on June 4th...Can't wait!!
Im going to celebrate each month until she turns one, then the traditional year birthday celebration will begin..

I still haven't commited to my health plan and work out since having my baby..&& my tummy is catching up to a model, i need to keep a flat tummy..but its sooo hardd!! I eat waffles every ima fat kid. But they look soo good..

noo thats not my actual plate.. i ate mines to quickly to take a picture of it..but they looked exactly like these...minus the strawberries =)

Soo whats on my agenda for the day??!! Im actually planning on spending my whole day with my daughter!! Im always going somewhere && i no it exhausts her to go in && out the house.. So sorry to say but today is an inside day..&& its soo beautiful outside..but i dont have a car right now && im off from work soo i think we will just relax on our back porch..

I gained more chic points on chictopia!! I was soo excited because i am pretty much just starting it && i want to be part of the community..&& that only happens if you gain 200 chic points && im at 120. so Im amost there!! =) if you'd like to help pleeaassee do soo by clicking on the link that says Chictopia ((to your right)) and becoming a fan && commenting my pics..

My Youtube isn't up to far its just recordings of when i was pregnant..if you can handle watching it..i recorded my baby in my was sooo fascinated i just had to!! My camera dropped and cracked at a recent fashion show soo i havent been able to record and take pics like i want to..but im working on getting a new one and will update my youtube as soon as i do!! && ofrcourse i will let you guys know when my youtube is up to date..but if you want to watch what i already have..jus click the link to your right..

Well as my first blog post I just really wanted to introduce myself to you guys!! There will be more to come && im sure you will love it!! I'll post a pic of my daughter Nasia and I!! TTYS..