Monday, June 21, 2010

.Bccc fashion shoW.

so a nearby college was hosting a fashion show..&& of course i had to model for them. I did it last year too it was one of my first shows ever to do. I have a couple pictures up from it. I'll post some pics from last  years show && this years. I haven't gotten a email notifying me about the pictures taken at this years show but i will post them once i get them.
&& after the show. a little tired. but i was so excited that my older brother came i had to take a pic!!
&& these are the only pics i have from this years show so far..
&& after..
..yes i was


  1. you look hot in every look and outfit!! wow!! you were working it, definitely! :D

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  2. Love the contrast between the pink and blue on that first dress.
    Cute blog x

  3. you look great in every picture!