Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nasia's Day

Today I decided to take a walk to chick-fil-a with my was fund raiser night for my little brothers Nasia was very irritable in the house so I had to take her out..
I decided to wear my little forever21 flower print dress with bronze sandals..It was nice to get out of the house..&& I loovveedd chick-fil-a’s strawberry shake!! =)

Me && Nasia took a pic together so you could see my dress =) ..she didn’t want to let go so I kept her in the pic..I cant really blog like I want to today because im home alone && my little Nasia is not liking me on the I’ll just post some pics up from out day at chick-fil-a!! =)


p.s. Guess what i just got in the mail?!?! No its not something to be excited about..I just recieved a notice from the hospital saying that my insurance did not cover the whole bill for when i had my baby!! They want me to pay an outstanding amount of money or i will be in debt && ruin my credit!! I can not believe they really could do something like that..i thought my insurance was suppose to pay it all..i have to pay so much $$ out my pocket to have a baby plus more $$ to care for her..this is unbelievable..

1 comment:

  1. god love your baby is precious!
    and hospitals suck, i cant believe you cant get help!