Friday, May 28, 2010

..Feeling alonE..

Another day..Another blog..

So im gonna miss out on the party of my life!! My sister in law is having a big bday bash party && I cant go .. =( .. of course I was invited..but I have no transportation..I haven’t been out SINCE I had my baby..4 months in the house..@ school..&& working..but no fun..okay the closest I got to having fun was participating in a fashion show!! But that is more like work to me..i want to get dressed up && party!! No limitations!! really sucks being a single mother with no car..&& a job that is so stingy with hours..

IF ANYONE OUT THERE IS SELLING OR KNOWS ABOUT A CAR PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I feel my self getting desperate for some sort of fun in my life.. Me && Nasi’a father are not on bad terms..we just have a lot of straightening up in life we need to do separately because if not it will definitely ruin our relationship..but our distance during this time is really getting to me..&& I feel like I am && will always be a single mother..I am very independent && I can do good all by myself..but I want someone by my side to love!! && that loves me..i  feel so alone sometimes..but he is the only one I want..&& I cant explain it..i just love him.. Our love story is something that happens rarely..let me think if I want to go in detail with it..only if you request it.but I’ll leave that out for right now..

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know I have a blog =) So I’ll post a picture ((only pic we have together))

We’ll im going to finish my day off by cleaning my room ((yay!! =[ )) && maybe hooking up with my cousin && taking a few pics!! She’s into photography..but sometimes im just lazy..soo we rarely take energy was taken after having my
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PS..Nasia picked her head up today!! She's so close to sitting up && crawling!! I cant wait until she gets it..well i can wait..i dont wanna rush time!! =)

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  1. you're so pretty in these pics and your baby's sooooooo cute!!! i'm sad that you're having a bad period...hope that everything will be ok very soon!