Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot Summer Day

I have decided to stay in today..
I took a walk to the store early this morning (( only because i was awoken by Nasia ))
Thats my little bundle of joy..yup!! My 4 month daughter!!
She's actually turning 4 months on June 4th...Can't wait!!
Im going to celebrate each month until she turns one, then the traditional year birthday celebration will begin..

I still haven't commited to my health plan and work out since having my baby..&& my tummy is catching up to a model, i need to keep a flat tummy..but its sooo hardd!! I eat waffles every ima fat kid. But they look soo good..

noo thats not my actual plate.. i ate mines to quickly to take a picture of it..but they looked exactly like these...minus the strawberries =)

Soo whats on my agenda for the day??!! Im actually planning on spending my whole day with my daughter!! Im always going somewhere && i no it exhausts her to go in && out the house.. So sorry to say but today is an inside day..&& its soo beautiful outside..but i dont have a car right now && im off from work soo i think we will just relax on our back porch..

I gained more chic points on chictopia!! I was soo excited because i am pretty much just starting it && i want to be part of the community..&& that only happens if you gain 200 chic points && im at 120. so Im amost there!! =) if you'd like to help pleeaassee do soo by clicking on the link that says Chictopia ((to your right)) and becoming a fan && commenting my pics..

My Youtube isn't up to far its just recordings of when i was pregnant..if you can handle watching it..i recorded my baby in my was sooo fascinated i just had to!! My camera dropped and cracked at a recent fashion show soo i havent been able to record and take pics like i want to..but im working on getting a new one and will update my youtube as soon as i do!! && ofrcourse i will let you guys know when my youtube is up to date..but if you want to watch what i already have..jus click the link to your right..

Well as my first blog post I just really wanted to introduce myself to you guys!! There will be more to come && im sure you will love it!! I'll post a pic of my daughter Nasia and I!! TTYS..

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